The Terms of the 2018 Photograph of the Year Competition


This year the Beta News Agency is again organizing a competition for the best newspaper photograph. Applications for the competition may be sent by April 27, 2018.
Photographs taken from April 2017 to March 2018 exclusively in South East Europe are eligible for submission. BETA’s 2018 Photograph of the Year Competition has no special categories. No fees will be charged for participation in the competition.
All professional photographers, part-time or full-time employees or freelancers, working for any print media in South East Europe – be it dailies, local and other newspapers, magazines, various publications and periodicals or news agencies and Internet portals – have the right to participate in the competition.
Every competitor may submit up to five photographs, in high resolution and JPEG format exclusively, no bigger than 3MB. Each photograph should carry the full name of the author, the title of the event shot, its location, and the date it was taken. The competitors may e-mail their work to betafotokonkurs@gmail.com
The application forms are available at www.betafotokonkurs.com and should be emailed to the same address as the photographs.
The winners will be presented their prizes on the day the exhibition opens.
The first prize is worth EUR1,000, the second EUR750, and the third EUR500.
The names of the winners will be announced via BETA’s Daily News Service after the panel of judges reaches their decision, and the winning photographs will be released as part of BETA’s Photo Service.
The jury will make a selection of photographs that will be displayed at the exhibition.
The exhibition catalogue will include all photographs selected by the jury for the show.
All submitted photographs will be posted at BETA’s website dedicated to the competition, together with the pictures of award winners and the official presentation of the prizes following the jury’s decision.